GMP Polygeline Injection 3.5% 500ml

Product Description

As a plasma volume substitute in horses, dogs and cats in cases of:
1. Hypovolaemic shock due to:
a)  blood loss after haemorrhage (visible or concealed) either due to accident or surgery.
b)  plasma loss after burns, peritonitis or crush injuries.
c)  water and electrolyte loss from persistent vomiting and diarrhoea, diseases of  the kidneys and adrenals, ileus, intestinal obstruction, diabetic coma.
2. Neurogenic shock, e.g. spinal injuries, severe head injuries, extreme pain.
3. Shock prophylaxis during and/or following surgery.
4. Haemorrhagic enteric shock in dogs.
5. The use of the product as an irrigation fluid should be at the discretion of a veterinary surgeon.
None known.
Special warning for each target species
Caution should be used in infusing the product in any patient likely to develop circulatory overloading (e.g., severe congestive cardiac failure).
Special precautions for use
i. Special precautions for use in animals
In common with all intravenous infusion solutions, the product should, if possible, be warmed to body temperature before use. However, in emergencies it may be infused at ambient temperatures.
ii. Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the medicinal product to the animals
Adverse reactions (frequency and seriousness)
The product is not antigenic, but as with all colloidal infusion solutions, inappropriately rapid infusion of the product, especially to normovolaemic animals, may cause the release of vasoactive substances. In the event of histamine release, the infusion should be discontinued and appropriate action taken with antihistamines, etc.
Use during pregnancy, lactation or lay
No known contra-indications.
Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction
1.The product may be mixed with other infusion solutions (e.g., saline, dextrose, Ringer’s solution, etc) or with heparinised blood. Sterility must be maintained.
2.Citrated blood should NOT be mixed with the product since the calcium ions present in the product may cause recalcification. However, citrated blood may be infused immediately before or after the product.
3.The product contains calcium ions and caution should be observed in patients being treated with cardiac glycosides.

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