Aspirin Lysine For Injection 0.9g

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Aspisol aspirin and lysine complex salt, as a derivative of aspirin is a new type of analgesic and antipyretic by the French pharmaceutical company in the seventies Egic most important market. Because of its toxic side effects with a small, safe, non-addictive, efficacy, etc., it is anti-inflammatory and pediatric cancer patients two, three analgesic drug of choice, currently in the domestic pharmaceutical companies have production, including enteric-coated capsules, powders, powder and the like. Aspisol generation and lysine aspirin, aspirin is further hydrolyzed in vivo hydrolysis of salicylic acid, and thus the mechanism aspisol and aspirin are the same. However, a single injection of the current component used clinically used aspisol due to wet, heat and light labile, causing it to break down during storage portion of the free acid, reduced efficacy. Since the free salicylic acid on the human body has a strong irritant and sensitization, leading to sensitization and irritation after treatment have increased, severe muscle necrosis or severe allergic reactions and even life-threatening. So, still we need to further improve the stability of injection aspisol to make it play better efficacy and reduced side effects.

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